Video: Seeing your finished project before breaking ground

Have you ever started planning something for your home, maybe a new pool, a walkway, or even just a simple backyard patio, only to find yourself having trouble picturing how it might look next to your house? It can be hard when you have a picture in your head, but then can’t really visualize in person what it may look like once it’s built, and we completely understand that.

So here at Sal’s Nursery & Landscaping we want to help alleviate any of that stress and make sure what we build for you is exactly what you were picturing from the start – by using 3D visualizations and animation.

We can take your existing house plans (even if it’s new construction and the house isn’t even build yet!), create a 3D model of your house and yard, and then plan out your project so you can visually see how everything will be laid out and get rid of the guesswork!

The video pictured above was created for a customer whose house wasn’t even built yet. After meeting with him we took the blueprints from his house and our ideas for his landscaping and outdoor living spaces and created this 3D visualization so he could picture what everything would look like once it was all built and put together.

By creating something like this it gives you the opportunity to change things ahead of time before any work is started, a piece of mind while the work is happening, and a finished product you know you will be completely satisfied with.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and how you can take advantage of this amazing technology too!

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